CD Cover








cdcover allows the creation of inlay-sheets for jewel cd-cases. It is written in Python ( and uses Python-TK to provide a graphical user interface (GUI).

cdcover runs on win32 and linux (*nix) platfrorms.

cdcover uses a Postscript template file and fills in the relevant information. This approach is very similar to that of the well known cdlabelgen program, written by B. W. Fitzpatrick.

In contrast to cdlabelgen, which is used from the commandline, cdcover offers an easy to use graphical interface to enter the requested items. The following items can be specified:

cdcover produces a Postscript file wich can be viewed and printed using ghostview/ghostscript.

The layout of the sheets can be choosen from different Postscript template files. Advanced users can modify existing templates or even create new ones. However, templates are not restricted to Postscript. Other formatting languages, as TeX could also be used in conjuction with cdcover, assuming an appropriate template file exists.

Further information can be found on the cdcover project page at sourceforge.